If you have ever used matched 360° HDR and backplates in the past you may have noticed that each DCC 3D package and render engine treats the spherical HDR differently. Sometimes it’s mapped the right way, sometimes it’s reversed in the X.

Things get trickier when you want to match the lighting to a backplate. Most often via trial and error it is possible to rotate the 360° HDR in the Y until things seem to line up. This requires setup time, test renders and tweaking in order to be sure things line up.

In steps the XYZ locator. You can use it to make sure that the 360° HDR is correctly mapped in your 3D software and aligned to your backplates. Lighting and reflections will match up with precision, saving you precious time and making your work look even better!

Download a standalone 3D version of our XYZ Locator

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