Royalty Free License: Starter Kits, Quick Kits, Pro Kits and Free products.

Last updated: Nov 3th, 2017

360° HDRI & backplate: Starter Kits, Quick Kits, Pro Kits and Free products have a Royalty Free usage license.

Non-transferable license is granted to you, the purchaser/downloader, to use these images in any work or compilation, including commercial purposes, except for the purpose of resale or inclusion in a product that is resold to a third party.

What You Can Do

  1. You may use the vizeur 360° HDRI & backplate kits for personal, educational and commercial use.
  2. You do not need to give credit or mention.
  3. This license does not expire, you may use the vizeur 360° HDRI & backplate kits for as long as you wish and as many times as you wish.
  4. You may sell or print artwork created using these vizeur 360° HDRI & backplate kits, as long as the image itself is not prominently visible (takes up more than 50% of the image).

What You Can’t Do

  1. You may not redistribute the vizeur 360° HDRI & backplate kits in any way, even as a part of a larger project (e.g. training material, bundles, artwork source files, turbosquid, etc.).
  2. If an vizeur 360° HDRI & backplate kit is used in a studio environment, the license belongs to the original purchaser of the HDRI. If an employee of the studio was the original purchaser and the studio wishes to retain a copy of the kit for future work, the studio must purchase an additional license for themselves. If the studio was the original purchaser, individual personal use is not allowed.
  1. The vizeur 360° HDRI & backplate kits do not belong to you, you are only licensed to use them.
  2. While vizeur owns the copyright to all the vizeur 360° HDRI & backplate kits sold on this site, occasionally a brand name, logo or other copyrighted design may appear in the images. It is the responsibility of the purchaser not to infringe on these copyrights in their own work.
  3. The purchaser indemnifies vizeur against all claims or damages arising out of or in connection with his/her use of the vizeur 360° HDRI & backplate kits, especially relating to copyright infringement.
  4. If the purchaser violates this license, vizeur reserves the right to revoke this license and follow legal action against the purchaser.
  5. vizeur may change this license at any time, and will announce such changes on this site for an appropriate period of time.
  6. French & European law applies to this license and any legal disputes between vizeur and the purchaser will have to be settled in France at the purchaser’s expense.
  7. If any part of this license is deemed illegal, it shall not affect the validity of the rest of the license.

If you wish to contact vizeur, please email us using the contact page on our website.

Definitions of Terms Used in this License

  • HDRI: One of the 32 bit high dynamic range images purchased or downloaded on this site.
  • vizeur 360° HDRI & backplate kits: 32 bit high dynamic range image and matched background images.
  • Purchaser: The individual who paid and downloaded the vizeur 360° HDRI & backplate kits which falls under this license.
  • You: The purchaser.
  • This site: This website (available at and any sub-domains associated with it.
  • vizeur: Refers to the copyright owners.

You are required to follow the terms and conditions of the vizeur License Agreement if you use the images or products on this site. Your use of these products indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

I. Use of these images.

vizeur licenses to you the use of image files only as provided below on a nonexclusive and non-transferable basis upon payment and receipt. All other rights to these files and any accompanying materials such as copyright are retained by vizeur. The license is limited to one single user or workstation and is non-transferable. Redistribution of these products without purchasing additional licenses for each usage violates this Agreement.

II. Consent for Purchase.

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase these products and accept this Agreement. vizeur may require sufficient proof that any registrants are at least 18 years of age. Minors can access only by having their parent or legal guardian register on their behalf. Through registration and purchase, the parent or legal guardian agrees to be bound personally by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

III. Intellectual Property and Privacy Laws.

You acknowledge that the content available through this website is the property of vizeur and is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. You should assume that no consent from persons or owners of property depicted in these images or libraries has been given regarding the publication of these images and that property releases are not available from vizeur or other providers. You assume sole responsibility to ensure that your usage of these images and libraries complies with intellectual property laws with respect to defamation, privacy, and right to publicity.

IV. Prohibited Usage.

You may not :

  1. Use an image in products in which the image is a dominant feature if the product is to be subsequently sold or distributed. Examples include posters, postcards, greeting cards, mugs, shirts, art prints, paintings, or calendars, turbosquid or other online 3D content sites, etc.
  2. Use the image in software, gallery, or any system where the image file can be removed from the software or system or be shared among and distributed to other users.
  3. Display or post images in a gallery or library format or size larger than 800 pixels that makes it easy for people to copy, save, or otherwise infringe the copyright to an image.
  4. Use images in any way that violates the rights of individuals such as defamation, intrusion on privacy, misappropriation of likeness, or depiction in a false light.
  5. Use images in any way that violates civil and criminal laws such as those regulating pornography, obscenity, fraudulent schemes, etc.
  6. Resell or distribute any image unless it is an integrated, inseparable part of a product and constitutes less than 50 percent of the overall product area, page layout or design.
  7. Reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any part of a file or accompanying materials.
  8. Use any part of an image in a trademark, service mark, logo, or part thereof.
  9. Remove any copyright information from any image or file.

V. Permitted Usage.

You may:

  1. Use images for general, editorial, product, and promotional uses including but not limited to: products, software, 3D animations, newsletters, advertisements, book covers, packaging, marketing material, school assignments, presentations, and within films or videos, provided that such usage complies with the other provisions in this Agreement.
  2. Edit or alter images as necessary for your use, provided that the subsequent image otherwise complies with this Agreement. The copyrights in all photos, art, images or other files obtained from vizeur and integrated into a derivative work will remain with vizeur or the content provider.
  3. In the course of production, convey to third parties such as printers the backgrounds of which are integral to your work project and without which the project could not be completed.
  4. Print or use the image for your personal use in any size provided that there is no subsequent sale or transfer to other persons.

VI. Limitation of Liability.

By purchasing and downloading the contents from vizeur, you indicate that you understand and assume full liability for your use of these image(s) and agree to hold vizeur harmless should any liability arise.

VII. Resale and/or Sublicensing.

You may not resell, distribute, or sublicense these files or the rights to use the files to anyone with respect to the vizeur agreement.

VIII. Disclaimer.

All images and files distributed by vizeur are provided on an ?as is? basis without conditions or warranties of any kind. Under no circumstances, shall vizeur be liable to you or any third-party for any indirect special or punitive damages, including but not limited to lost profits and business interruption.

IX. Arbitration.

You agree to arbitrate any disputes in connection with this Agreement in France.

X. Jurisdiction and Legal Fees.

You agree that vizeur shall be awarded all costs of bringing a claim, including reasonable attorney fees and the ordinary costs and expenses incurred in resolving a dispute.

XI. Agreement.

You acknowledge that by purchasing the vizeur images and libraries, you have read and understood this agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

For any additional questions or concerns regarding the scope of these terms, please contact us via our website.